Who I Am

Howdy doody!


I am Danielle or Danni or Dan; the woman behind the blog, She Brews It.

I was born and raised in the mitten of the world and do own copious amounts of grandma knit mittens.

I live for adrenaline pumping adventures and often do things that most people would let fear turn them from. Spontaneity is my jam.

This blog? It’s real. It’s imperfect. It’s going to have typos. It’s going to have improper grammar. It’s going to be full of truth and it’s not going to fit the standards of this world. But that is who I am. I am imperfect, I am messy, I make mistakes, I struggle, I lose sight of the real purpose, and I often fail to correct my mistakes. Although we are not called to be perfect or align with this world, we are called to be different and bold.

Stop relying on your own self. Start trusting in the spirit and live fearlessly, y’all.

Thanks for being you!